Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Teensy's Earrings

Well, last Friday I took Teensy out on a mommy/daughter date and she got her ears pierced. She has been begging to get earrings--"not clip-ons, the pokey kind"--for a little while now. As a girl, I had to be 13 to get my ears pierced and I remember feeling like it was torture to wait that long. I always said I'd never make my daughters wait; they could get their ears pierced when they wanted. Admittedly, I was thinking they'd ask around age 5, but Teensy's always been a little mature for her years. Michael took a little convincing but eventually gave us his blessing that Teensy could pierce her ears.

I took her to the mall and we headed to Libby Lou where she picked out her first earrings. She chose a pair of little sparkle blue flowers which she proudly refers to as her "sapphires." As she sat her little body in that big chair I started to feel queasy. When the girls who pierced her ears were hunched over her with those piercing guns in their hands, I had butterflies in my stomach. I had to stop myself from calling the whole thing off; I was so nervous!

Then the girls pierced my Teensy's ears. I couldn't blink! I was scrutinizing her face to see if there was any sign of pain or sadness. Her eyes got really big when the earrings went in and then a huge smile spread across her face. "That didn't hurt one bit!" she exclaimed. She happily admired her new reflection in the mirror.

As we walked through the mall to continue our special time together, Teensy was literally skipping. She was flicking her hair back so her ears would show and telling anyone who crossed her path that she had just gotten her ears pierced and that she "didn't cry or scream at all!" She was just so hap
py. We ended our date by stopping in the Disney Store and grabbing dinner at "Old McDonald's."

Even now, four days later, the magic continues. "Blue" has been replaced in her vocabulary by "the color of sapphires." She's made bragging phone calls to various loved-ones. She is just so pleased and I am pleased for her--for being brave, for being responsible to help keep them clean.

And an added bonus is that now my almost nine year-old has decided that she can be brave, too, and wants to get her ears pierced. Another fear conquered for Maia--yeah!


Jenni said...

Marlee is just so grown up!! I can just picture her showing everyone her sapphires!! What a fun little girl she is!! :) Sophie keeps flip flopping on the earrings decision. She's a little scared of the process, but I'll have to tell her Marlee said it didn't hurt a bit! :)

The Loveridge Family said...

Wow...how fun! I can't believe how brave she was!

Tracy said...

What a big girl! Now my little ones are asking for earrings -- every single day! I just hope they do as well as Marlee.

Joni said...

Man, she's a brave little thing! When I went as an adult to get mine re-pierced, I had such nerves. (Thankfully my holes were still there, who would have guessed.)

Here's a horror story to inspire good ear care. I got my ears pierced -- the first time -- when I was ten. I did not know I was allergic and I also did not take good care of them. My mother had to take my pussy, bloody ears to the doctors' where they had to cut the earrings out. Yeah. (But she won't be allergic and she will be responsible! Tell her she looks really cute too.)

Julia A said...

what a fun story! And what a brave mom you are for letting her! :D

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