Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

I'm lucky enough to get tagged by Julia to play this little game of sevens:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

B. Tag seven people to do the same.

C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. I hate not being able to see; I swim and sleep in my glasses.
2. I have all my wisdom teeth in my mouth--and I'm not afraid to use them!
3. I am fanatical about my children's nap- and bed-times.
4. I spy on my little sister via her and her boyfriend's MySpace pages.
5. I genuinely enjoy Disney's High School Musical and High School Musical 2.
6. I usually check my email more than 5x a day.
7. I have never downloaded a song. (Gasp! The horror!) I don't know how.

Okay, so there you have it. Now, I tag Sally, Tracy, Melodie, Deborah, Rebecca, Kellee and Ruth.


Brenda said...

Okay so, I hate not being able to see, so I swim in my glasses too. I am fanatical about nap and bed times also, and I have never downloaded a song either! I guess I'm too cheap! Oh, and I really enjoy High School Musical, but I have to say, I think my husband enjoys it more than I do. (:

Cami said...

Mendy . . . don't know how? That's no excuse. But keep it that way. I could seriously go broke on itunes.

Tracy said...

I've never downloaded either. I don't stress over naptime. And Troy is my boyfriend.

Jenni said...

I'd be willing to introduce you to itunes, if you are so inclined, but like Cami I have done my share of financial damage buying oh so many 99 cent songs - you wouldn't believe how they add up... Love that you love HSM and HSM2 - what a fun mom you are!! :)

Corinne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joni said...

Yeah, after a few weeks of willy nilly downloading I finally got my credit card statement. Keep your innocence, Mendy:)

mom2qtboys said...

I just have to know how do you "swim" in your glasses?I'm at a huge risk of sounding like an idiot but do you actually go under water? I keep my contacts in when I go to the pool and I wear my sunglasses to avoid splashes and if I'm going to actually swim I just wear goggles. Oh and I've never downloaded-I don't have an Ipod-but if you to listen to music on the computer go to either the Yahoo music website or Pandora's box(don't know the website off the top of my head)

The Loveridge Family said...

You TOTALLY need to get lasiks eye was the best thing I ever did!

Corinne said...

Yeah, I'm an idiot. I meant to say I love learning about you MENDY. You KNOW I love you :)

Deb said...

i've never downloaded a song either, thought we did just get an ipod in an attempt to reduce our too huge collection of cds. but i got tagged, so i shouldn't be giving away freebies! :)

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