Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fabulous Foursome Reunion

This is me and my best friends from high school. Of course, that statement merely implies a four-year friendship which is simply not the case with us; the four of us have been friends since we were five years old. We were in the same classes from our earliest days of school through graduation. I love these girls!

Yesterday we had our annual Fabulous Foursome BBQ ("Fabulous Foursome" is a name some teachers in our high school gave us) with our families. It was such fun to see my old friends and chat with them. I loved talking books with Ann, with whom I've swapped titles almost since The Cat in the Hat. I marveled watching Renee expertly mother her three adorable little boys. And there's no topic I don't enjoy chatting and laughing about with my dear Dawn. Even though I don't get to see Ann and Renee very often, the years of friendship behind us make it so easy to just pick up where we left off.

What adds to the fun even more at these family barbecues is watching all of the kids play. Maia was at my brother-in-law's for a sleepover so she wasn't there, but we still had ten kids (7 and under) running around. The kids really enjoyed swimming, hot-tubbing and playing baseball with each other. I think Teensy developed a slight crush on Ann's Colin; she was his constant shadow (as he was Mason's).

Four and a half hours just flew by and I was sad to go. I could have visited with my friends (and held Renee's baby) and watched our kids play all day. Ann, Dawn, Renee and I have been with each other through so much--chasing boys on the playground, learning to flirt with boys in more effective ways :), singing in choirs, playing field hockey, being in plays, going off to college, getting married, burying loved-ones, having kids... The Fabulous Foursome is just something I can always count on!


Jann said...

How fun to have lasting friendships. This looked like so much fun.

Joni said...

I used to have a church dress like that. You look great in that faux maternity top, too! I don't know what else to call it, but you don't look pregnant at all -- it's what the style should look like but all I can find makes me look five months along:)

Tracy said...

Even back in the old days you were a shining example of modesty! If you still have that dress, I'd love for Sophia to wear it to her first prom.

Cami said...

What great friends! It looks like a total blast. I have a hard time keeping good friends for so long. I have a couple I've kept. I'm so glad you still get together!

The Tidwell Family said...

I love the "shining example of modesty" comment Tracy made. I noticed that too.

I love that your friendship with these women has lasted through the years. What a fun reunion.

Christie said...

What a wonderful relationship. I am so envious that you are all still so close to one and other. Wonderful!

Jenni said...

How great that you all have stayed close!! That really is wonderful!! Super cute high school pic Mendy!!!

Deb said...

mendy, what happened to your hair? it seems kind of ... small in comparison to the great 80s (or early 90s) fashions!

i laugh because no one has seen my high school dance pictures in well over a decade. :)

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