Monday, September 27, 2010

That's My Teense

She's a spit-fire of a girl, my Teensy. And now she's another year older and wiser. Which makes her seven years-old with a maturity level of twenty-seven-year-old. (Managing (read: reigning in) her premature maturity level is my main challenge in parenting her.)

She's a big first-grader now! She is so excited to impart with Mackenna all of her pearls of wisdom for navigating kindergarten. She loves it that Kenna has her beloved Ms. D as a teacher. I love it that Teensy has Maia's former first-grade teacher. She's another one of my favorites at the school. The nerd in Marlee is giddy to have more serious homework this year (but she still gives herself extra work to do).

This is Teensy with her beloved kindergarten teacher at her end-of-the-year show last year.

I finally caved and enrolled her in gymnastics. She has only gone a couple of times so far but it seems like the reality is meeting her expectations. I'm so happy for her!

If I were to sum up Teensy's style signature, it would be this: cheetah print. She loves to put outfits together and adores all animal print, but cheetah takes the cake. She's nutty for it.

Teensy is most like her daddy in the math department. It's not unusual for her to sit and the breakfast table with a blank sheet of paper and a marker, making and solving her own math problems. This is not my idea of a good time, but it is certainly something my Michael enjoys.

I do so love my Tiny and am so glad I am her mom!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marlee!! Have fun at Gymnastics.

Lukas and Annelise wanted to know who's birthday it was this morning ( a new favorite question that they ask every morning) and I got to tell them it was yours.

Aunt Esther

Margaret in WV said...

Happy Birthday Marlee!
Love Grandma and Grandpa

laura said...

Add one more item to the list of things to do once all my kids are in school: remember and celebrate all of my 36(and counting) nieces and nephews birthdays!! Happy Birthday Marlee. I can't wait till you're old enough to do my hair and help me decide what to wear. xo!

whitney allison said...

She's quite a girl! Gotta love Marlee.

Julia A said...

that girl is definitely a firecracker :) Such a joy to watch at church or wherever.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to Marlee!! You know how much I enjoy her! She's the daughter I never had. Tell her Quita says, "Hi" and ask her when she's coming to visit me.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to my twin. Where would I be withoug someone who shares my love of cookie dough, "fashion," and, of course, naturally blonde hair!

Sechrist Family said...

Funny girl! Hope she had a great birthday!

Cami said...

Cute! Cheetah all the way. I'm putting Jane in gymnastics as soon as is humanly possible.

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