Friday, September 17, 2010

Kenna the Kindergarten Kid

Basically, my sister, Amber, doesn't know how I sleep at night because of the supposed guilt I should feel over not yet posting about my baby's first day of school.

Show's how much she knows...I've been sleeping like a log.

But seriously, my baby started full-day real school this year. Wa-hoo! I mean, isn't that wonderful?

Now, you must know that I love my baby as no one else on the earth can, but between you and me, dear friend and devoted reader, the child is a pill. She's bossy, moody, and opinionated. And she loves her mom, a characteristic she shows through her ultra-clingy-ness to me.

Once upon a time, I had another five-year-old who often acted like the kind of kid only a mother could love. Said child happily went to Day #1 of kindergarten but came home disgruntled with the fact that Mommy was not seen for such a length of time. Taking said child to the classroom in the morning on subsequent days of school was met with screams, cries,
tears (from both of us), tantrums, physical restraints by school counselors, aides and teachers (just the child this time) and the like.

It wasn't pretty.

Having lived through that, I decided to go about Mackenna's entrance into the public school system with a new approach, one of the hands-off variety. I realized that Marlee, a first grader, had to wait in the same line as the kindergarten kids and that she knew exactly where Kenna's class was, as is had been her classroom last year. You see where I'm going with this?

That's right: I pawned off a potentially unpleasant parenting task onto the shoulders of my six-year-old.

And you know what? It worked like a charm.

Mackenna didn't cry. I didn't cry. It was win/win! We've never had an ugly scene where it's taken 5 adults to hold onto my screaming child while I race, crying, from the building. Because I've never walked in there. She's never expected me to walk her in to her desk because I haven't ever done it.

Now, I know that this decision might make me seem heartless and indifferent, but I am pretty pleased with how it's all worked out.

And Mackenna is one of only two of my kids who hasn't cried for days the first week of school. And believe you me, that is a little miracle in an of itself!

Here's a shot of my new school girl at home before the trek to school:

And here are Kenna and her Teense as they walk:

See? Teensy had it all under control.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I am glad that it all worked out for Kenna and you. After successfully getting four children to Kindergarten you deserve to sleep like a log. Even if that means MacKenna's first day of school is posted a few weeks late!


Amber said...

Was that so difficult? Seriously. A little something to commemorate your freedom and your baby's rite of passage into womanhood.

I love the picture of the girls walking arm-in-arm. Such a sweet moment.

Jenni said...

Nice!! I'm so glad her first day went so well! That last picture is priceless!

JeffnJenna said...

Your plan was brilliant, and I'm so glad it's working out so well. We moms love those win/wins, yes we do! Congrats on the added home-alone time!

Jessica said...

That Kenna is so cute! Way to avert a potentially ugly situation. You certainly knew what you were doing. What do you do with all of your free time during the day?

laura said...

You know the happiness I feel for you! Someday I hope to join you in the life of leisure and do reckless things like pee without anyone waiting outside the bathroom door, eat chocolate in the middle of the day without sneaking around, and maybe even start and finish a project in the very same day. A girl can dream.

Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

I did the same thing with Sadie and Micah. He sat with her on the bus and walked her to her class. He also took care of the neighbor boy. I knew that she would cling to me, if I were there. She acted like a big girl with her big brother. I felt a little guilty, until I dropped her off at school yesterday and had to peel her off my pant leg.

whitney allison said...

Yea! What a big girl she is. She's the cutest Kindy-gadna I ever saw.

Margaret in WV said...

Darling photo! Give them all hugs from me. Wish I was there this weekend.

Maggie said...

I love this entry! Mendy I love you, you are amazing. Woohoo for Kindergarten!

Kellie said...

What a great milestone for your little pill! See you at Book Group! During the Day!

Heidi said...

Awesome! You're so smart!

Rachelle said...

Well my kindergartner's siblings walk their sister to her class every day. It is a little known system that works. Love the pics of those two cute girls.

Ruth said...

Evan is my only child in "real" school and I never once even thought of walking him to his classroom. They have a million aides in the halls formthe first day and he knew how to go after that. Plus my kids aret the kind who never look back. Nursery has never been an issue either.

Julia A said...

A good manager knows how to delegate--good job!!

Deb said...

here's to heartless and indifferent. :) so glad it's working for you. it works here too.

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