Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The One Who Launched My Career

Twelve years ago, my life changed forever when my most heart's most sacred and profound desire was realized: I became a mother.

I cannot forget how I felt when I held my baby Maia in the hospital, knowing that my dream was coming to fruition and that this tiny baby had made me a mother.

She's not so tiny now. She's 5'2", actually, and growing like a weed. She's not a baby or a little girl, but a young woman!

There are many things this proud mama loves about her girl, but I will share just a sampling today.

Maia is her own person. While she enjoys having friends and sharing their interests, she is perfectly content to fly solo. As a preteen! Where does she get this confidence?

She has her own sense of style and creates her own fashion looks. Sometimes I don't know how she comes up with some of her ideas!

She is very creative and artistic, a gifted writer and artist.

Maia is a champion of the underdog.

She is great with babies and little ones (I think because they like her laid-back nature). She recently started being a "mother's helper" weekly for our neighbor. It is so fun to see how the little one lights up when she sees Maia coming!

Maia loves music. If there's a nanosecond of silence in the car, she immediately asks for some music. She practices the piano beautifully and enjoyed going to guitar camp this summer.

Although my heart sometimes feels a pinch of pain when I look at how big she's gotten, I am really enjoying having a big helper around here. Maia loves to learn in the kitchen and never complains when I ask for for help with housework. What a kid!

Here's a shot of Maia on her first day of seventh grade:

(See what I mean with her look here? Who else would have thought to wear P.E. shorts under a denim skirt with a gauzy ballet skirt on top? She's got a style all her own.)


whitney allison said...

She looks like a woman! And, ironically, you look like a child in the first photo.

Happy Birthday Maia, you old fart!!

Anonymous said...

If only you lived closer! I need a mother's helper in the afternoon.

Happy Birthday Maia!!

Jessica said...

I agree with Whitney - you do look so young in the first pic. Seriously, like a teen mom.

Maia's outfit is so cute. She's a trendsetter.

Mary said...

I would not have noticed the skirt/shorts combo at first glance, but I LOVE those socks.

Deb said...

CUTE, maia!

and ditto to whitney's comment....

Jenni said...

Happy birthday to Maia! She has an awesome style!

Amber said...

It's hard to see what she is even wearing because you can't look away from her beautiful face. I love you, Maia!

laura said...

I LOVE Maia. She is such a genuine girl--she's open and accepting, and a pretty snazzy dresser. (and i'm not just saying that because i sported pretty much that exact outfit minus the holister brand and the gym shorts through most of my teen years. seriously.) Happy Birthday Maia! You are just so fabulous!!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to your little lady! I love Maia and how sweet she always is to my girls! Love her dress style!
Great picture of you -- you look 15

Susan said...

When did she grow up? She is a beautiful young woman. I still remember how concerned she always was about Emily and her eye. What a great addition she will make to the Beehive class! It's funny we just went up to Denver and spent some time with Stacey, the Meilstrups and Andersons. It was fun to talk about Maryland and all the great people we knew there!

Cami said...

She has QUITE the style for sure. The socks are my favorite part. I like the title.

Vanessa said...

It pinches my heart to see my kids growing up too. I love that you cherish motherhood.

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