Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Boy--He Velly Tall Boy

It's time for a tribute to my handsome fellow, Mason. I missed his birthday earlier this year and I think he needs a little shout-out.

Recently, I had to take Buddy to the pediatrician for a mysterious rash that had migrated from his ear lobe to his upper and lower eye lids (poison ivy--mystery solved). As we were leaving the office, a nice Asian lady stopped me in my tracks to ask how old my handsome boy is. When I told her that he is ten, her eyes grew quite large and she responded, "He velly tall boy, velly tall."

Who can argue with that? It's true. But he's more than just a long frame.

He recently started his last year of elementary school. His big dream was to be a Kindergarten Helper and he wrote an essay to apply for that coveted position. He loves getting to walk Kenna and her friends out to their waiting parents at the end of each day. What a sweetie!

If he's not reading, he's sweating. My boy plays hard. I mean it. He's always up a tree, on a bike, scooter or skateboard or running to/from wherever he's going. He sleeps the longest of all my children at night and I know the explanation for that is simple: he plays the hardest.

If he's not sweating, he's reading. Mason blossomed later as a reader than his older sister, but man, has he hit his stride! This past summer he not only devoured the Percy Jackson series for the third time, but he also discovered the Fablehaven series and buried his nose in countless other books as well. It makes this English-nerd mother so proud!

One last note-worthy characteristic of my boy is his committment to save money. Seriously, his sisters can't understand how they get the same allowance and yet his wallet is fatter than all of theirs put together! (I'm still trying to get the girls to understand that it is because he doesn't spend it on lip gloss and nail polish every time we go to 5 Below.) Sure, he sees things he wants, but he chooses to save for big ticket items and I think it's commendable.

Here's a parting shot of my boy at the beginning of the end of his elementary career:


laura said...

Yeah, he's huge; there's no denying that. What a great kid! One any first grader would be justified in mentioning in his class presentation. :)

JeffnJenna said...

I sure wish he and Clark could be buddies, I think they have a lot in common and would get along great. Clark is also a big Fablehaven and Percy Jackson fan, as well as sports and sweating (especially football though--is Mason into that?).

Thanks for the glimpse of your cute velly tall boy!

Tracy said...

What a sweet boy! Can't believe you missed his birthday -- mother of the year!
Enjoy him now before middle school comes, then you will have gray to cover on your head!

Margaret in WV said...

Great photo! Happy to hear he's a kindergarten helper. I just read the Percy Jackson books and then we watched the movie so Bill can talk about them with the grandkids. (so does this mean I can borrow the last Fablehaven book?)

Amber said...

That is the definition of Good Looking! I love that boy!

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