Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Tagged by Sommer

Last week, when I grounded myself from blogging (in the interest of getting all my costumes done without staying up until 3 am every night) I was tagged three times!
Get ready to learn more about me this week than you ever even dreamed. Or avoid my blog at all costs this week. The choice is yours.

First up is a photo tag. Here are the rules:
Ladies, grab your cameras & take a photo of the following things AS IS. Don't clean anything before you take the picture.

Here are my photos (which are a week old at this point).

Kitchen sink:
Thank you, Christie, for teaching me that everything seems a little bit better when your kitchen sink is clean.

Looks like this guy could use a little cleaning and organizing. Don't judge me.

This is the powder room and the closest of my bathrooms to the kitchen where I was taking the other photos. It's also usually the cleanest.

Favorite room:
I like my living room because it is usually the cleanest room in the house. There are no toys in there, only books (note the Dora book on the couch--you'll be seeing that again in a minute). Even if stuff is out, this room can be cleaned in 2 minutes or less. I love that!

Closet:I did my pantry here, not because it is clean (obviously) but because I could snap another shot while I was in the kitchen.

Laundry room:Honestly, no one wants to see my laundry room. It is a hideous space. This is the view when you open the laundry room door: our brand new heat pump. Now, that's a thing of beauty.

Favorite shoes:I confess that I don't have a favorite pair of shoes. These are the shoes I was wearing when I ran around taking all these pictures and I do quite like them. They are comfy and they have reflector strips, which, for some reason, pleases me to no end. Also, they make me think of my friend, Kellee, in Belgium who sports the same footwear!

Self-Portrait:Ta-da! It's me.

This picture is blurry because when Maia saw me coming with the camera she tried to hurry and hide the fact that she was reading a Dora book. Too funny! She just saw the book on the couch and picked it up to take a gander. She doesn't usually read Dora for fun, I swear!

Here's Mason with his best friend, Dallin, in the basement watching the Disney channel.

Teensy had just walked in the front door with our neighbor, Audrey (and the front door is left hanging wide open, as usual).

Mackenna was having a grumpy it's-hard-to-wake-up moment.

Sorry, Fireball is completely out of focus and you're just going to have to deal with that because I am too lazy to retake a picture of a toad that I took a week ago.

Thanks, Sommer, for tagging me!

Stay tuned for more fun tags....


whitney allison said...

I was tagged for this too and it still hangs over my head that I have yet to participate. I always forget to take the pictures when I get home though!

whitney allison said...

Oh yeah, and well done you. Very clean home, clean children, clean toad etc...

Christie said...

So glad that you didn't tag me. :-) My sink doesn't reflect what I told you :-( Too bad. cute post.

Jenni said...

Very fun!! Your sink looks so sparkley!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun tag! I am hoping that one of the tags you're working on is the one I tagged you for.....

Jann said...

Very fun tag. It was great to see the pictures.

Tracy said...

I won't be doing this one ever. That is a great self-portrait of you! See, you can take good pics!

Cami said...

Nice job! Ok, so I'm confused. I TRY to keep my sink clean, but it fills up with dishes WHILE the dishwasher is full and running. How does one keep up? Yours looks nice and scrubbed.

I LOVE the Dora book thing. She was so completely mortified! I would have held it up proudly as though completely interested for a joke. You should teach her that strategy.

Monkey Queen said...

Mendy, I love keeping up with you on your blog, and I love that you are wearing those shoes!!! Which, by the way, are one of my favorite pairs of shoes as well. I also love reading the other things you just recently mentioned, like voting and gratitude. I am leaning towards a more meaningful life lately and those words hit the spot! I guess it's time to blog again...:)

Anonymous said...

THAT WAS NOT FUNNY MOM! in fact, it's extremely embarrassing!

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There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.

-Jill Churchill