Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday--Happy Halloween!

I interrupt this week-o'-tags to bring you our old friend, Flashback Friday. (I'm thinking of you, Aunt Cara, and your love of my Flashback posts.)

Meet the Flintstones. Just kidding, it's really us--you know, the Hunters. I bet you were fooled for a minute there, weren't you? What finally gave it away? Was it my Michael's fancy footwear with his Fred dress?

I bought all the fabric for these costumes in the $1.00 bin at my local Wal-mart. In the beginning of our costuming days, poverty necessitated invention. Now, insanity fuels that invention.

This photo is from Halloween 1999 when Maia was 13 months old. Didn't she make an adorable Pebbles? She really did. She was such a happy, easy-going baby...who refused to walk.

I was so pleased with my Styrofoam ball necklace, even if it itched a little. I actually don't have my Wilma anymore. A teen-aged girl borrowed it to wear to high school for Spirit Week and I never saw it again. That's okay because it's not like I was going to wear it again; I'm glad it was used one more time. (Have I told you that a friend of mine who teaches preschool has borrowed Mrs. Potato Head to wear today at her school? How fun is that?)

This is when I learned that if my Michael would put on a dress for Halloween, he would put on anything! Bless his heart, the sleeves on this bad boy didn't quite fit correctly. (Could that have something to do with the fact that I don't use patterns when I make costumes?)

Oh, and another thing you might not notice in this picture is Fetus Mason. He's in there. In my womb. Housed in my stomach which is remarkably smaller in this photo than it is in real life today, sans fetus. But today shall be a day of happiness, so let's not dwell on that.

On this day of revelry I leave you with this parting thought: Fun Sized Snickers.
Happy Halloween!


Cara said...

Yea!!! These are my favorite, although I quite enjoyed your 50 favorite things especially your farm in are so great...thanks for keeping us all inspired!

Christie said...

So cute! What a fun tradition you have.

Sommer said...

I love those costumes, my time goes by fast! I still remember when you just had one and you would come visit york 2, I was just a teenager then. How fun!

Cami said...

YAY! I would like to see a montage of each Halloween since please.

Jenni said...

I love those Flintstones costumes!! Cute little Maia!! Happy Halloween!!

Tracy said...

A husband who will put on a dress for you? Man, he'll probably do anything, like even change light bulbs or move couches :)
Depressing that our stomachs were smaller pregnant than they are now that we're almost 40 - yes, I put you in that category.
Very cute picture!

Joni said...

Mendy, you really do crack me up. I love reading you!

Anonymous said...

Ok, now you've piqued my simply must come up with an online scrapbook (hint..smilebox!), and show us pics of all of your family costumes over the years!

Jann said...

Great picture. Happy Halloween.

CJohnson said... cute. I'll have to send you this year's pics of the kids. I don't use patterns either. More fun-ky that way! Can you believe a lady who found out I made them myself said, "Wow you must have a lot of time on your hands." I wanted to smack her but didn't have the energy. :)

Beckie said...

I love the costumes Mendy!!! What a sweet husband!

laura said...

I do indeed know that Michael loves you. For these three reasons:the halloween costumes, the matching 4th of july shirts, and the preset country stations on your radio. He's a smart man though, cause you're totally worth it. :)

Heidi said...

I love your all your Halloween pics. I'd love to see your costumes from every year. The Halloween costume progression would be fun to see.

It's a good thing that our children are worth every inch they have added to our middles! --Right?

Amber said...

It's true you married the man for you, for this reason alone! Every year, your Halloween costumes are winners in my book!

Anonymous said...

aaaaw! i was so cute as a baby! i wonder what that girl did with the costume?

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