Sunday, September 16, 2007

Petting Zoo Fun

Okay, I have got to get it together and do dome posts! Michael's been using the computer a lot at night; I've actually had to learn to share. I just don't seem to have a ton of free time during the day to write, but I'll have to come up with something. I've made a goal to post each day this week. That way I'll be able to catch up a bit.

This week we went on a field trip for Teensy's preschool. We went to a petting zoo. The weather was fabulous. Somehow all the humidity left and we had a blue sky and temps in the seventies. It was the perfect day to have an outdoor outing.

Both Marlee and Mackenna got to ride a horse. They also enjoyed feeding the goats and lambs. Mackenna is such a little animal lover. In the pen with the smaller goats and chickens, she was chasing those poor goats around endlessly. She would stop to bend over and wrap her little arms around their bellies and they'd try to get away. One with long, curved horns even butted her in the head; she cried, but when I picked her up to comfort her, she demanded that I put her back down with the goats. She's a real farm girl, that one.

Teensy was thrilled to see the Enchanted Forest, which highlights all kinds of nursery rhymes and folk tales. She absolutely loves Goldilocks and the Three Bears and makes me tell her that story almost daily (I think it's because I tell her she looks like Goldilocks when her hair is curled). Anyway, I thought she'd be thrilled to go up to the cottage of the three bears, but she was terrified. She actually thought that there would be bears in there! After I convinced her that there were no bears in the cottage, and walked her to the door while holding her hand, she agreed to get her picture taken only if Kenna and Selena were with her. She cracks me up; she is so courageous and spunky about some things and such a wuss about others!


Jann said...

What a great day. I love all to pictures. It just looked so fun. Nathan is the only one left that will go to a farm on a field trip this year, and it will be his last. How sad. They grow up too fast.

Tracy said...

Yes, I did have fun. Thanks for forcing me to go out of my house. Selena had the best time, even when you were shoving her hand in a goat's mouth!

Christie said...

Looks like so much fun! Oh yeah and your girls hair today (sunday) wow, to die for... I loved it. I wish Lizas hair would hold a curl. She is so excited about the party. Oh ps, can I rsvp via blog, yes for tori and yes for Liza. Thanks. :-) talk about lazy, I won't even pick up the phone. :-)

Dawn said...

they are getting sooooo big.

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