Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Maia Tresure

Cleaning Maia's room is a bittersweet experience. First of all, the child is a disorganized mess. No matter how I rearrange her books and things, they end up in huge piles all over the floor. It drives me nuts. So, occasionally I wade in and dig myself back out. All of that is the "bitter" part. The "sweet" part of cleaning Maia's room is finding what I refer to as her "treasures."

I know every mother thinks this, but my daughter truly is very creative, bright and clever. Whenever I go through her room I am amazed at the things I find, primarily her writings. She writes everything from chapter books to martial art pamphlets to advertisements to poems. She also illustrates quite well.

Today, I read a little magazine she wrote called, Girl Friend. I tried to scan all the little pages, but you can't see them so well, so I'll provide a translation (you can click on it to make it bigger if you'd like). The girl is a crack up--you'll see!

Front Cover: Girl Friend, Girl Talk

Table of Contents: Contents:
New Stuff: pg 1
Dear Ayo pg 3
How to be Popular pg 5
Magic Tips pg 6
Jeli Jokes pg 7
Fashion Clothes pg 8
Products pg 9
On Cutie Planet pg 10

Page One: New Stuff
The new movie The Three is coming soon. It's about 3 girls who have secret powers.

Page Two: Maia Hunter says, "Playing the part of Mygria is awesome. I get to sing a lot."
Elisha B. says, "Being Elizabeth is cool. I always know what's going on."

Page Three: Dear Ayo
Dear Ayo, me and my friend both have a crush on the same guy. What should I do? Kate V.
Dear Kate, Just ask him if he likes you more than her. Ayo

Page Four: Dear Ayo, My friend has a boyfriend now. All she talks about is her guy. What do I do? Zoe
Dear Zoe, Just wait until the romance is over. Ayo

Page Five: How to be Popular
* Have a lot of friends
* Get pretty
* Be nice
* Make a lot of phone calls
You're Popular!

Page Six: Magic Tips
Do not use a spell unless you remember it!!

Page Seven: Jeli Jokes
What fruit did 2 girls share? (answer written upside down) A pear

What toys do dolphins play with? (again, upside down) Dolls!

Page Eight: Fashion Clothes
(some sketches of girls in vogue poses)

Page Nine: Products
(sketches of products and their prices)

Page Ten: On Cutie Planet
Girls only
perfect weather

Page Eleven: Design of the Month
(sketch of heart) C
(sketch of swirl) U
(sketch of flower)T
(sketch of girl) E

Page Twelve: Draw and design and mail it with your name to...

Page Thirteen: If you win, you will see your design in the magazine.

You would think that we have subscriptions to all kinds of magazines in this house, but honestly, we get the Ensign, Friend, Family Fun, Reader's Digest, and Ranger Rick. "The Three," her alias of "Mygria," and the invention of "Cutie Planet" are recurring themes on many of her writings. My favorite parts of this magazine have to be the letters to Dear Ayo (the name of a friend who moved away after second grade) and the advice on becoming popular. Who does she think she is...Galinda?


Jenni said...

Holy cow!! That is a treasure indeed! I can't believe all the detail!! Maia is the most creative little girl! I love the how to be popular advice!! LOL!!

Jann said...

She is amazing. This was totally fun to read. Very cute and funny.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she may have some of Aunt Elisabeth's talent (I can only speak from knowing my side of the family, it may also come from your side as well). If it makes you feel any better my room was always a horrible mess until I hit puberty then I started to care.


Ruth & Ryan said...

I love this. It is so cute and so creative! What a fun girl.

The Jensen Family said...

Oh my goodness. I hope you are saving every one of those magazines she writes. They are amazing. She might be the next Jane Austin. :)

Julia A said...

That is really clever. So talking on the phone a lot will make me popular? or is it, "POP-U-LER, uh, LAR!"
either way, the girl has a bright future (better get her some shades)

The Hanners Family said...

She is so creative! I was just thinking about her the other day as I was picking up Little People in the toy room. I loved how she used to name her Little People after family and friends, and she always remembered which one was which! I knew I had arrived when I came over one day and found that one was named after me! I was so honored. She is such a fun girl!

Cami said...

That is awesome. She is an editor in the making!! Hooray!

Tracy said...

Maia has a great talent and imagination. Spending a day in her head would probably be better than any fairy tale. How fun that she's able to express it so well.

Kellie said...

This is amazing, Mendy! What a wonderful mind and heart she has.

Deb said...

that is fabulous advice! perhaps she has a future as anne landers... :) what a fun treasure to find.

Jill said...

I am laughing so hard! She is so creative and I can't wait for her stories to be published and I can continue reading young adult books!!

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