Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Woman of Leisure Math

21 = Number of weekdays in October
(when I allegedly eat bon bons all day while my kids are all in school)
-1 Day of no school for the kids
-4 Days spent on elementary school field trips
-4 Days spent planning and executing elementary school PTA events
-4 Days spent shopping for and making Halloween costumes
-3 Days spent volunteering for the middle school PTA
-2 Days spent "gathering" (groceries, household supplies, clothing)
-1 Day spent visiting teaching ladies from my church
-1 Day spent volunteering in Teensy's classroom
-1 Day spent planning Young Women Camp for next year
0 Days actually spent at home, eating those bon bons


felicity & nathaniel said...

toss in the towel now, my friend. I'd head right to that couch (bon-bons in hand) and park it until Thanksgiving!
You've been a blogging machine lately, I love it. It makes "home" not so far away when I can still sneak peeks of my favorite people's lives. ;)

MargaretinWV said...

Let me warn you that retirement is the same way.

Amber Mc said...

TOTALLYYYYYYYYY stealing your post idea. And in December, we need to add a "day for the ladies of leisure to get together and have coffee". :)

Julia A said...

Good thing those bon-bon's come in convenient 'to-go' sizes... ;)

Deb said...

still justifying your time at home? no need. you're worth your keep. :)

Anonymous said...

What? I was hoping for a life of leisure once the kids went to school!


JazznJenna said...

Funny. And true. Fun post. I'm worried about what MargaretinWV said though...do we have to wait to get to heaven to get some real rest around here?

Cami said...

Awwww, and you didn't even have time to MAKE the bon bons--because heaven KNOWS you wouldn't have just BOUGHT them!

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