Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009: The Beginning of the End

I think the glory days are behind us. I always knew the day would come that my children wouldn't think it fun to dress up for Halloween with costumes that coordinated with their parents. Although that day is not completely here, I see it on the horizon.

When we sat around the dinner table discussing Halloween costumes this year, it became obvious that my older children really wanted to wear "scarier" costumes than they have ever done. Mackenna just wanted to be a princess--no, a dancer--no, a kitty cat--a "sign-ah-me" kitty--no, a panda cub! (You get the idea.)

At the end of our family chat, we decided to follow the most loosely held-together theme in our history: Classic Halloween. Hand on heart, dear friend and devoted reader, this mom was a little sad. And disappointed that she wouldn't have to get too crafty and creative to pull off the costumes. She was also worried about disappointing her adoring public. (Imagine the kind of pressure I feel when people say things like, "I've been waiting all month to see what the Hunters were going to be this year!" or "Our family was talking over dinner tonight, all taking guesses as to what your family's theme would be this year!") But, the children were happy and, really, this silly holiday isn't about the mother. It's about the sugar. Hee hee

We did have a couple of little hiccups in delegating costumes. Both Maia and Mason wanted to be vampires until I interjected the possibility that one of them could be a mummy. Mason jumped at the chance. Mackenna really preferred the idea of being a Siamese cat to a black one, but Mason insisted that she had to follow our family theme (my boy is quite into the family coordination, let me tell you).

So, without further ado, I present to you The Hunter Family's Classic Halloween featuring Daddy as Frankenstein, Mom as a witch, Maia as a vampire, Mason as a mummy, Marlee as a bat and Mackenna as a black cat (who in the world can pull off a Siamese, I ask you?).

The whole gang. I love Mason in this photo. He really embraced his role as Family Mummy.

A charming shot of the lovely couple. I tried fake eyelashes for the first time in my life. Love the look! And although I can see my Michael's handsomeness under the make-up, it threw so many people off that he was voted "Scariest Costume" at the party!

Maia the Undead. I like how she accesorized with a giant spider wed-printed bow on the side of her head.

I had to include this action shot of Mason in the doughnut eating contest.

Here's my little Teensy at her school parade. We scored some sparkly bat fabric to make her wings. She was thrilled!

And lastly, here is my baby at her preschool parade. She really got in touch with her inner feline. Can you tell?


Margaret said...

When they're in their twenties or thirties they'll want to do it again just for fun. At their monthly family dinner.

Christie said...

What a fun family tradition. Your kids will look upon it fondly someday. Who knows, sometimes when kids get older they long for those traditions and feelings of unity. Maybe a year off will make them realize how much they loved being a joined theme.

Julia A said...

You were all still great :) Maybe next year you can go with a "rock band" theme ;p

Katie said...

That is awesome. Too cute...The classic Halloween theme was great. My family could never pull off anything like that...We went to a family party as a U of U football fan, a San Francisco 49 football fan, a karate kid and a Snow White.....see, NO coordination what so ever. Whatever way your family chooses to go in the future, they will always look awesome!

Cami said...

I LOVE the theme. Seriously. Nice job. Great costumes as usual.

Cari said...

Your pictures from the party turned out so cute. Everyone looked really great. I LOVE your toothpaste costume too. The first think I noticed was that glass of Pinot Grigot (I learned that from my neighbor's FB) in your hand.

CJohnson said...

Dude. Whatever! This is my favorite year yet! (Well, maybe just after the Incredibles) You guys are no where near a slow-down. This was awesome. This adoring fan says, "I LOVE IT!"

Heidi said...

Another hit!

Cara said...

How is it that you feel there was no family theme? It was awesome. I love it! You are so great!!!

Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

You pulled it off again! You guys looke great! Maybe you have one more year still?

Deb said...

she and jared should chat. half the time, he's a cat these days. and you all looked great. michael did make a wonderful frankenstein's monster.

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