Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday!

Well, here we are at Halloween 2002. Obviously, we went with Peter Pan this year. Now, you might wonder why Maia is in lavender and not blue; well, I'll tell you, dear friend and devoted reader. Maia was not Wendy from Peter Pan, but Jane from Return to Neverland. That was the first movie she ever saw in the theater and it totally resonated with her soul. Seeing that film started Maia on her sixteen month campaign to cut off all her hair so she could look like Jane. I didn't let her bob her hair until July 2003, but I did let her dress up as her favorite heroine for Halloween 2002.

Mason was perfectly happy to be Peter Pan and I was content to be Mr. Smee. My Michael was an awesome Captain Hook, I must say. Not every man can pull off fitted purple britches; my Michael owned those purple velvet pants I sewed for him.

In this photo, please notice Maia and Mason holding their favorite dolls. Maia never cared about dolls until she got her Cabbage Patch when she turned three. Then, Maude hardly left her side. When Mason noticed Maia's attachment to her doll, he stole a neglected doll of hers and adopted it as his own. He named it "Baby Dip" (which got us quite a few stares whenever people heard). Maude and Baby Dip were like members of our family. So, naturally, I sewed them costumes. Maude was Tinkerbell and Dip was Cubby (one of the Lost Boys).

I remember sitting at my dining table with the sewing machine needle bobbing up and down, feeding fabric through the feed dogs and thinking, "I am sick. This is not normal. I am actually sewing coordinating Halloween costumes for my children's dolls. This must be a disease." But then I decided that if I can recognize the over-the-top-ness of it all, I must not be too sick, right?

And you know me, dear friend and devoted reader, I have completely surrendered myself to this fun holiday. If it is a disease I don't want a cure!


Jann said...

I have great respect for your dedication to this holiday. I have never quite caught the spirit of this one, and my kids are following along. Nathan is completely refusing to wear a costume tonight to the ward halloween party. I am always excited to see what you come up with every year. Very creative.

Sommer said...

Oh I love it so much! If I had a talent for sewing I would totally do this too. I love you as Mr Smee, that's great! How funny about the dolls having costumes, what fun times! I can't wait to see what you guys do this year!

Anonymous said...

I love your costumes and cannot wait for this years installment!!

We got the fabric for our Christmas pajamas today and Lukas asked if I would be sewing Mamet (his monkey, also a part of the family) pajamas too. I guess it is part of being a mother to sew clothes for your child's best friend.


carilarkins said...

I am glad you have been posting your old Halloween pics since I wasn't there to see them in person. Keep them coming. I love them all. Everyone looked great tonight. We'll leave the ward next month so you guys can win again next year. :)

whitney allison said...

They are so little and so adorable. Fun stuff.

Heidi said...

Yes, I believe that ward Halloween party was the year I realized that you were the queen of Halloween!

Deb said...

oh, the trip down memory lane! i remember these too. maia was SO cute this year!

Laurrel said...

This was our first Halloween in Maryland and I remember thinking how great your costumes were and what a great idea to dress in a family theme. I've looked forward to your family costumes ever since.

Cami said...

As long as you see it . . . Very fun though!

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