Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fabulous Foursome Reunion 2008

Last Saturday, I hosted a little dinner for my closest friends from high school and their families. You might remember when we got together last summer for a swimming party at Renee's parents' house. Well, we didn't start coordinating our calendars this year until July, which put the first Saturday when we were all four available to get together as November 15th. We are four busy gals, I'll tell you what!

Our visit was worth the wait; we had a grand time. Our eleven children are all ages 10 and under and consist of four girls and seven boys. My house was a little chaotic, as you can imagine. Thankfully, the kids seemed to get along well in spite of the fact that they can barely remember each other from year to year.

We heard a lot of comments like this: "Mom, the boy in the striped shirt is playing with me." Or "Someone is being mean to me." Renee asked a disqualifying question to that child, "Was it a boy or a girl?" "A girl." Renee proudly exclaimed, "It's not mine!" It was funny. Teensy seemed to take a liking to Renee's son, Joshua. There might have been some hero worship of Mason, as the eldest boy in the brood.

My favorite part about getting together with these girls is just how easy it is to be their friend. There is just an ease in friendships you've had for almost thirty years. We catch up on each other's siblings, check if there's some gossip on fellow classmates that one of us doesn't know yet, laugh about silly things from the past and laugh about current problems like preschoolers coming into our rooms at night.

Together, we've started elementary, middle, and high school; mourned the passing of loved ones; fallen in love; nursed broken hearts; gotten married; and become mothers. And I'm so thankful that we've kept in touch. Even if we only get to see each other in person one day a year, I'm thankful for that day and all the wonderful ones together that have preceded it.


Tracy said...

That is so fun how you get together every year. But if you all keep having babies, you'll need to rent a bigger place to host them! You all look great!

Heidi said...

I remember you as being such a great hostess. I miss fun parties at your house!

Jenni said...

How very very fun! I think it's so great that you have stayed close through the years!

Cami said...

Oh, very fun! Hoorah!

Sommer said...

Wow those pictures were great! That sounds like so much fun!

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