Monday, November 17, 2008

In the Name of Girl Bonding

Last week, my sister, Amber, invited my little girls and me to come over to her house and play. It was a federal holiday, so she had the day off work.

Aunt Amber spoiled us with a lunch of delicious taco soup (recipe courtesy of my little sister, Whitney, who repeatedly called us during the day, justifiably accusing us of having sister fun without her) and a fresh batch of cookie dough. And some baked cookies, just for good measure. She also let the girls craft away with all manner of glitter and glue in her immaculate condo.

Teensy and Kenna cannot contain themselves when they are near Amber's rather extensive jewelry collection. They hardly know which necklace or bracelet to accessorize with first. Kenna excitedly reported to Aunt Amber that "these red earrings are beautiful!" while gesticulating with her little fingers.

Teensy eventually moved on to giving Aunt Amber a make-over. This girl is a natural born hair stylist, if you ask me. She gifted Amber with not one, not two, but four
ponytails at once! Then, she topped the look off with a pink feather boa. Amber was ready for a night on the town, to be sure!

I decided that I needed a turn to try a new curling technique I'd heard about. I had to twist Amber's arm to get her to let me play with her hair (yeah, right). Before long, I dazzled her with my newly-acquired hair skills and spoke of plans for our annual New Year's Eve make-overs.

Well, Amber wanted to reciprocate and try the curls on me. I tried to tell her that my hair is too short to put any kind of cascading curls in, but she wouldn't be deterred. What's a little sister to do? I took a turn on the floor sitting between her feet.

Long story short: she made me look like Betty Rubble. We laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face and we both might have dribbled in our pants.

I was reminded of a time about twenty years ago when I let Amber wax my eyebrows and she dripped the hot wax on my eyelashes. I had a giant bald spot in my eyelashes and my mom scolded me! "That's your own dumb fault," Mom said, "you know your sister is an accident waiting to happen and you let her near you with hot wax!"

Well, the same prinicple applies here. I knew my hair was too short, but I let my sister near me with a curling implement.

It was worth it, though, to spend the morning with my little girls and their fun Aunt Amber. I am so grateful for sisters and lucky to have three of them!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a BLAST! Aunt's are the best...being one, and having a sister be one to your kids. I really miss Lisa and wish she lived closer.

The hot wax thing reminds me of a time when my sister cut about 6 inches off of MY hair, and of course my Mom got mad at us BOTH...Me?? I was an innocent little kid!!! Pfffft!

Brenda said...

Oh, she looks so fun, just like you!! You make me jealous though cause I don't get to hang out with my sisters half as much as I want. I am the sister that calls while they are doing something fun!!
Oh and I do love the curls. You should wear it to church!

Adam & Karlee said...

Your sisters hair looks GREAT with the new curling technique! Who did you do that? I would love to try it on mine!

Jann said...

Sisters are the best. No matter how long I am away from mine, we always return to our silly selves when we are together.

Amber said...

Thanks for posting the pictures I specifically stated were not to make their way to the internet!

Thanks for coming down to visit. I loved all the reviews on my jewelry, DVD collection, headbands and cookie dough that the girls gave me. Really valuable stuff!

whitney allison said...

What do you want me to say? That I'm glad you had fun without me? Well, I'm not.

Mary said...

I really need to learn your curling technique because it really does look amazing.

Sommer said...

I love whitney's comment, too funny! Aren't sisters the best!!!!! I smiled the whole time reading that post, especially about the part with the hot wax and your mom scolding you!

Scarlett said...

Seems like the family talent will live on. When my Maddy opens her own beauty business, I'll remember to tell her not to worry...the Hunter hair legend lives on!

Christie said...

Aww sweet! What a fun time! I bet your girls will remember that for years... and what and example to them of the relationship that they too can have

SydneyMin said...

Sisters are so awesome! I had to wait 12 years for mine, and I only got one. Luckily she's the best! I love the curly hair :)

Anonymous said...

cool! i wish i had early dissmissal!

Rachelle said...

When have you ever been able to turn down someone who wants to play with your hair?

Tracy said...

Love the hair! You need to wear it like that to church -- it'll make everyone smile. So fun to have sister time!

Heidi said...

You guys look great!

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