Monday, April 28, 2008

Mason's Baptism

Last weekend was super busy and extra special. On Saturday, Michael baptized Mason as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was wonderful! Mason got to choose who participated and had Teensy say the opening prayer, his dad give a talk on baptism, his Aunt Amber give a talk on the Holy Ghost, his Grandma Margaret lead the music and his Grandpa Meemers say the closing prayer. Is it wrong to admit my relief that he never once suggested that I take part in the program? I had my hands full enough for the weekend...

Michael's cousin, Sean, and his family drove here from Cleveland to attend the big event. My kids absolutely adore their second cousins and we had a blast fitting another family of six in our house for a couple of days!

In addition to Sean's family, Mason's baptism was also attended by his Grandma Margaret and Grandpa Bill, Uncle Josiah and family, Uncle Steve and Aunt Sue, Grandpa Meemers, Aunt Amber, Uncle Adam and family, Bro. Barron (surrogate grandfather to all the kids at our church), Bro. and Sis. Wright (his teachers at church), and our dear friends, the Obering, Johnson and Parish families. All told, is was about 46 people! (Sadly, I didn't get the word out to others who would have liked to come; I guess I'll do better on Marlee's big day.)

Mason was very excited to be baptized and make a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. He really is a sweet boy and thought quite a bit about this decision. He had some concerns with the concept of immortality but decide to exercise his faith in the Lord's plan and go ahead and get baptized. How I love this tender-hearted boy!

After the ceremony, we had a little dinner and then came back to our house for more play and slumber parties with cousins. By Sunday all the kids were exhausted, but I know Mason will remember his baptism day his entire life and think fondly of all those who made great efforts to share it with him.

Can't resist adding this shot of Teensy and Selena "cleaning up" the last piece of cake!


kirjote said...

hi mendy - kirsten here just letting you know i did some counter-stalking, since you gave me a shout out i thought it only decent to acknowledge and not stalk in stealth-mode. i wasn't worried about the context of the contact - i felt your pain, but as far as i'm concerned your diginity remains intact and your humanity is charming.

you have a really fun blog here - i like your book club blog, i think i'll recommend that format to our ward group.

sounds like a great baptism -

but i guess i'll sign off before i either creep you out completely or we end up as bff's in my head since i feel like i know you a little bit now!

- kirsten (warnick) cukor

kirjote said...

yes i misspelled dignity - where's automatic spell-check when you need it and how do you spell misspelled?

okay, i'm officially leaving you alone now...


Christie said...

Awww, congratulations Mason. What a big day

Amber said...

It was such a fun day and a happy event to paarticipate in. Mason couldn't have been more handsome in his new suit.

Tracy said...

It was so fun to be with your family on your special day. Selena & Marlee are toooo cute. And your dress was to die for! You always have new clothes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mason!!

whitney allison said...

Good fun all around, too bad we couldn't have a big triplet baptism.

Kellie said...

I'm so glad it was a good day for you and all your family!

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