Saturday, July 7, 2007

Road Trip Legs 1 and 2

This is a photo of Mackenna on her actual second birthday. She doesn't seem to mind spending six hours of it in the car, does she?

OK, here we are on the biggest road trip of my life. I must say that I have impressed many, especially myself, with how lightly I packed for my whole family to be on the road for a month. My trunk is only half full! I even had room to bring the oldest three kids' scooters. With food treats and tons of activities in the cabin and suitcases and scooters in the trunk, we headed out Thursday afternoon.

The trip to Ohio was uneventful. The kids were all super excited to finally get the treat bags they'd been hearing so much about. Between their activities, a couple of DVD's and a book on tape, they were well entertained for the duration of the journey.

After a short night's sleep, we awoke to some cousin fun. Maia and her "favorite second cousin" Hannah busily wrote and illustrated books while flapping their fairy wings and jumping around. Mason and Logan wielded light sabers and ran around the yard. Marlee divided her time between her cousin Collin and tailing the big girls. Mackenna reveled in squeezing her adorable four-month old cousin, Ella. OK, I enjoyed that activity as well. That baby is a chunk and absolutely adorable! Michael had some nice chat time with Sean and I visited with Jessica for the morning.

We didn't stay very long with our cousins because we will be with them when we get to the family reunion. At about 11:30 we threw our bags in the car and made way for Iowa.

Our children were fabulous! I don't mean to brag and I am sure that all legs of this trip will not go as smoothly, but our kids were picture perfect (except for one low point, but at that time we were completely stopped I-80 for an entire hour in the heat of they day; even I was losing it). No one even asked to go to the bathroom until 7:00 p.m. Can you believe that? I sure couldn't. We had, of course, stopped for lunch at about 2:00, but still. We cruised right here to Iowa without a hitch (not including said highway closing, of course).

It was so fun to reunite with our old friends. We stayed up late last night visiting and let the kids run around outside to get their wiggles out and catch lightning bugs. We went to bed feeling great about our arrival and looking forward to our visit.

Enter the vomit. That's right. In the middle of the night I heard this moaning and found it was Maia. She said her tummy hurt. I took her to the bathroom hoping she just needed to go. Oh, boy. That poor girl had it coming out both ends in a matter of seconds. I gave her a bath and got her back to bed where she slept peacefully for another three hours. Then she and Mackenna woke up vomiting. Yep, we've got TWO kids vomiting now. See how lucky we are? And "You're welcome, Jessica and Hugh, that we brought you our special virus all the way from Maryland!" Here's to hoping that it's like an eight hour thing and the other kids escape its clutches. I just don't need this on my big road trip!


Cami said...

Oh no! It was sounding so great until the vomit! What is it about vomit? Why does it ruin everything anyone does??? Sheesh! Good luck with the rest of your trip.

Christie said...

OH YUCK! I am so sorry. What a horrible ending. I was so happy reading it at the begining. How wonderful to be having such success in your driving, and then blah. I hope that it passes quickly too. :-( Good luck, keep us posted.

The Hanners Family said...

Poor babies! Hopefully it will pass quickly! You always amaze me with your organizational skills -- to pack your van so expertly, have all the activities to keep your kids amused on the trip, and still have time to update your blog -- Amazing! I look forward to reading about the rest of your adventure! Drum Bun!!

Jenni said...

Yikes!! 2 vomitting - I hope it stops at that and that they get better quickly!! I'm glad everything was all happy before the stomach bug hit!! :)Say HI to Jessica and Hugh for us!! :)

Corinne said...

I am SO GLAD the driving is going well and it sounds like your stops are so much fun (except for that puking thing). I HOPE the rest of your nights are completely uneventful!

Jann said...

Wow. That is totally not allowed to have kids throwing up on vacation. I hope they are feeling better, and it did not spread through your entire family. It sounds like you are having a great trip anyway. Have fun.

becca g said...

Wow so weren't you completely exhausted?? All day in the car and then vomit patrol at night I would be a cranky grump. I'm looking forward to the next trip post. I'm hoping to hear it was just a 24 hour thing. Happy Trails!

None said...

Okay, first I'm so happy that I found your blog (I'm embarrassingly new to the blogosphere!) and second, I'm so happy you are posting on your trip! You really ARE superwoman!!! Here's to unforgettable family memories and fun stories (for your friends to giggle at)! P.S. Tell Michael to drive safely...we know his recent history with law enforcement! :)

CJohnson said...

Opps...the last one was me.

Sally said...

What is your final destination, and how close are you? When I die and go to hell, I will have to take road trips with my children all day every day. You clearly have better coping skills than I. Press Forward, Saints!!

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