Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Colorado Leg

We got on the road a little behind schedule. We ended up having to wake up Maia, something never before needed in her 8+ years of life. Anyway, we hopped on I-80 West and were on our way. Again, I must state how impressed Michael and I are with how well our children are doing in the car. We did a pit stop while still in Iowa and then didn't stop again until a late lunch in the middle of Nebraska. Maia just wasn't eating her food. While this might be normal behavior for her when given average fare, it didn't seem quite right when she had before her a banquet of french fries and "ketchup on a bun" (her favorite vegetarian alternative at fast food joints). I asked her why she wasn't eating and she told me that it felt "weird" in her throat. I reflexively placed my hand on her forehead and felt immediate excess heat. Can this really be happening? Does Maia now have strep throat?

To make a long story short...YES! I gave her Motrin on the road and took her temp the minute we arrived at Stacey's; it was 101.9. More Motrin. By Tuesday morning when she woke up, it was 103.9 and we ran her to the Urgent Care where the rapid strep test was "very positive"--a direct quote from the doctor. We got started getting antibiotics in her a half hour later. She slept that whole first day we were here but is now feeling quite herself and is wondering why she still has to take the meds. I am so grateful that we were able to get a quick diagnosis and treatment. I wonder what ailment she's going to come down with in Utah--Lyme's disease?

Anyway, back to our fun visit here in Colorado. Tuesday morning was pretty much eaten up by breakfast, a doctor's visit and getting the Rx for Maia. The rest of the day was pleasantly passed by just playing. Mason pl
ayed countless games of dodge ball on the trampoline with Blake and Tanner; Marlee dressed in Sydney's clothes and the two of them painted nails, played Playdough and danced to princess music. We all went that evening to Blake's baseball game (with two doses of her antibiotics in her by then, Maia's fever was already broken) and then to Chic-Fil-A for dinner.

Yesterday was a great pool day. Stacey and Mike's neighborhood here has some really great pools. The one we went to yesterday had a diving board and a couple of water slides. I'm not sure if Mason was ever not in line for or going down the one slide. He really loved that. Teensy was enamored with the diving board--if she jumped off it once, she did it a dozen times. That girl is a maniac! Of course, Michael and I were in the 10 ft area at the end of the board treading water, just waiting for her to jump to us, but each time she jumped away from us! She loved it. Maia has always enjoyed the pool and tried a little of everything. Mackenna was really unhappy at first, but discovered the large baby pool and was happy as a clam to play there with her new friend Courtney.

After swimming, we came home for showers and an early dinner before heading out to Tanner's baseball game. Right after the game, Stacey and I went and picked up Ashley, a friend who was in the RS Presidency with us in the Laurel Ward like 6-7 years ago. Ironically, she lives about a mile from Stacey here now. The three of us went out for dessert at the Cheesecake Factory and then to a movie. It was so fun to sit and chat with these old friends. We reminisced about our old presidency meetings (and missed Jill who was our absent member) and they quizzed me about who is doing what in Maryland these days.

In eight years of friendship with Stacey, I think I've gotten two photos with her and her eyes are closed in both of them. I thought this trip would be a great time to get one where her eyes are actually open. Well, we had our server take a photo of us at the restaurant and let me tell you it was no small task. It took ten shots before we got one with Stacey's eyes open! By the end, the three of us were laughing so hard; tears were rolling down Stacey's face. I was talking to the waiter but still trying to smile at the same time and he clicked the last photo. I'll just have to love it because Stacey's eyes were finally open. There's gotta be a name for that kind of syndrome where your eyes shut so fast upon seeing a flash that it's almost impossible to photograph you with your eyes open. If there is such a thing, Stacey's a text book case!

This morning we loaded up the kids and went to a super fun museum called The Wildlife Experience. It was a great way to spend the morning. It was very kid-friendly and hands-on. We walked through exhibits on various animals and elements of nature. Before coming home we watched an Extreme movie about Beavers on a giant movie screen. I don't know which my kids enjoyed more: the movie on the big screen or the rarely-enjoyed treat of having popcorn and soda while they watched.

For our last night we went to Stacey and Mike's stake musical, 1856: The Musical. Maia was captivated by the pioneer story. The little ones were...monsters, but what do you expect?

It's just been wonderful to see our dear, dear friends. It feels like not a day has passed between us. I just wish Colorado were a little closer to Maryland.


Jenni said...

I love reading about your trip - it is sounding like an absolute blast!!(minus the various illnesses that is! :)) Glad you got that picture with Stacey!! :) Good luck for the next leg!!

Cami said...

Wow! It sounds like you are having a great time despite all the sickies and such. Jake is amazed that you took this kind of trip at all, and so am I. But it looks like it's paying off with all these visits!

Christie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Glad to hear that Maia is feeling back to herself. When you said that she had to be woken up, I knew she was sick!! Enjoy the rest of your trip and be sure to hit down east outfitters in utah!

Kellie said...

I love when the catching up is effortless and it really is like you were never apart. I miss Stacey. She was my sweet visiting teacher and helped me get over my separation anxiety from the ward boundary change.

The Jensen Family said...

Wow you guys are having such a fun trip. You are making me want to go on a road trip. I think I will wait until the kids are a little older. :)

Jenny said...

It's a little surreal reading about my neighborhood on a Maryland friend's blog. :) My kids love the Extreme Screen at the Wildlife Experience, too. (And, I bet we were at "1856" at the same time...)

Corinne said...

Wonderful!! So great to see pictures of Stacey and her beautiful kids. I hope Maia can just stay well!!

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