Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

Well, we're home! The way home was a blur! We left California last Thursday morning and headed to Utah. Michael had a little run-in with the law in Nevada; they seem to think that 85 in a 70 is too fast. In Utah we spent a quick night with my brother and his family. It happened to be Whitney's birthday so it was fun to see my baby sister on the day she turned 25!

Driving from Utah to Colorado we took a detour to drive through Arches National Park. Wow! Are those huge red rocks amazing and beautiful or what? In Colorado we stopped for two nights to stay with Michael's sister, Flora, and her husband who live in the beautiful mountains SW of Denver. We also got to quickly visit Michael's brother, Dan, and his family (who were unable to attend the reunion) as well as some other relatives of Michael's.

After church Sunday morning we hit the trail to Iowa; we didn't get in to Iowa City until midnight. After a night's sleep we were on the road again to Ohio. Monday was the hardest and longest day of the trip for me. Two driving days in a row + no time in between for the kids to get their wiggles out = one testy mom. Getting to Ohio early in the evening was a nice treat. We let the kids run through the hose and just go crazy outside before putting them to bed.

To celebrate his 6th birthday, our kids' second cousin, Logan, wanted to take our kids to Build-A-Bear. We spent this morning playing outside until it was time to go for Logan's party. My kids had never been to Build-A-Bear and were instantly enamored with the store. They all hugged their toys the whole six hour drive home and are in their bed with them now as I type this.

It does feel quite good to be in my own home. I am so glad we took this trip an
d saw so many loved ones, but there really is no place like home.

Here's a brief overview of our vacation: Our Trip By The Numbers

Days on vacation: 26

Miles driven: 7126.8

Days spent driving: 11

States driven through: 13

States slept in: 6

License plates of different states seen: 46

Trips to urgent care: 2

Books on tape listened to in car: 7

DVD's watched in car: 29

Hubcaps lost: 1

Pounds of M&M's consumed in car: 9

Speeding tickets given: 1

Photographs taken: 446

Memories made: countless


Christie said...

Glad to have you back, Liza will be thrilled! She was starting to worry about maia not being back 4 her b day.... also FYI activity days are not meeting at the pool, they're going to the church. (just in case you hadn't heard) It was fun to come along with you on your big trip. How wonderful to spend so much time together. :-)

Jann said...

Welcome home. It was so fun to read about your trip as you were on it. It is a good feeling to come home.

Corinne said...

MAN. Those numbers might be some kind of record. Well done and good fun.

Cami said...

Whoa. I can't believe you guys did such a huge thing. I hope your kids really cherish it. I especially like the 9 pounds of m&ms. Good to have you back.

Jenni said...

Welcome back!! It has been so fun keeping up with your road trip adventures!! Glad you guys had such a wonderful trip - I'm sure it will be a treasured memory for your kids! :)

The Loveridge Family said...

I'm glad you made it back safe!! I am totally impressed with your trip...you are awesome!

CJohnson said...

LOL at the M&M consumption! Certainly you've been that for Halloween before! I warned Michael on trip day 1 about his recent law enforcement run-in. Bummer about the ticket. (Don't snicker too much though, Mendy) We are soooooo happy you are home! William's been dying to poop or barf on you lately in church! (He told me so)

Julia said...

Your summary list sounds like that Master Card commercial: Memories made, priceless. I'm glad you're back, though. I missed you!

Kellie said...

Wow, your statistics really put the trip in perspective. What a fun way to sum it up. We've missed you but it has been fun to read along. Welcome home!

Joni said...

I haven't been commenting (bad blogger!) but I have been following your trip with a mixture of admiration and "are they crazy?" You are stronger than me! How fun to see everyone. I've been filling Jeff in on all the Savage Mill people you looked up.

I want to know one more stat. How much you spent on gas!!

Sally said...

Welcome back Mendy!! I also thought about running into you somewhere. I can't remember where. I thought your stats were amazing. You have the patience of Job. truly. The hours in the car stat made me want to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb in a dark closet. But more power to you girlfriend. If you lived closer you could be a good example to me. I'll bet your own bed felt soo good.

The Jensen Family said...

Welcome Home!!! Love the stats. Especially the M&M's. (my fav. candy)You are a trooper--super mom is what I say. What great memories your kids and you will have.

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