Monday, June 11, 2007

A Week Gone By

How is it that an entire week has passed since I've last posted? There's no way to catch up, so I'll just mention a few of the highlights.

Last week, I got to go to the temple twice. Wednesday I went with some ladies from church and had a great time doing Initiatories. My feeling while at the temple on Wednesday night was one of "I can do this!" While in the temple, I remembered that as a daughter of God, I have been blessed with what I need to be a better person and better mother. I truly felt renewed. Friday night when Michael and I went to the temple there was a thunderstorm that caused a power-outage. This was amazing. Of course, the temple has emergency generators so even when it was dark, it was light! The temple is just a place of light and love. Cool, huh?

Today was Marlee's last day of ballet. This is like the fourth class she's taken through the county and she really does enjoy it. On the last day of each session, her instructor allows parents and visitors to come in for a little show. Today there was an unusual amount of grandparents and other visitors; they totally freaked Teensy out. She just stood in the line with the other dancers, and while they did all the steps, she turned to the side and sucked her thumb. She just doesn't like to perform for others unless she is in her own living room--or my mother's. Poor girl.

Maia also had a big day today. Her third grade class studied cultures of the world and they did a whole singing show today about them. It was really cute. Each classroom studied a different continent with teams of two students studying individual countries. Maia's class was assigned Asia and she and her classmate, Alfredo, made a Power Point presentation on Vietnam. (Hello, I don't know how to create a Power Point presentation, so I am completely impressed that my eight year-old does.) A HUGE "Thanks" to Felicity who came to my house and sat with my sleeping little girls so I could attend this nap-time activity.

While I was at the school watching Maia sing about the world, a Fairy Friend brought her a special treat. She got a letter, two beloved fairy books and beautiful silk fairy wings from a secret pal. She spent all of dinner trying to bounce ideas off us as to who this mysterious benefactor might be. She is just beside herself with curiosity; she keeps saying, "How can I say, 'Thank you,' if I don't know who it is!" I assured her that anyone who anonymously gives you something isn't looking for a thank you note. This little gift bag was just as much a gift to me as it was to Maia. Someone loves my daughter and wants to nourish her strengths just like I do. It did my heart good. Thank you, Secret Pal! Your thoughtfulness is inspiring.


Corinne said...

What a great week Mendy!!

The Pugs said...

Wow! I think we all need weeks like that once in a while. Such a nice refreshment. I am totally jealous that you made it to the Temple TWICE! LLLUUUUCCCCKKKKYYYY. (Napolian Dynamite style)

Jenni said...

That sounds like a great week!! I love those county ballet classes - Sophie took "ballet w/ Madeleine" and it was so cute!! :)

Cami said...

Oh, what great news all around (except the dance thing). Sounds like you had a fun week.

The Tidwell Family said...

What a wonderful week!

I love the two temple experiences, and I am so happy that Maia has this secret friend. It makes me so happy for her.

Julia said...

secret friends are the BEST! It makes us be nice to everyone because we don't know who it is :) yay for you and your whole family for making it through another week :D

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