Monday, June 25, 2007

Ward Camp Out

Here's a post that's been in the draft's file for too long. Life is just so busy right now!

Last weekend was the Ward Camp Out and did we have fun! My kids just love this type of thing. I think it's great for them to be able to run around with their little ward friends and go wild without being scolded to sit still and be reverent.

We had a nice dinner of hot dogs, cherries and roasted corn on the cob. "Corn with handles" is one of Teensy's favorite foods (second only to cookie dough) and she requested it. It turned out great and was fabulous campfire fare. The ward provided the makings of s'mores which were well enjoyed by all.

At this camping site there was a big recycled tire park. It is huge and very fun! All of the kids loved the zip-line. I was thrilled that Maia had the courage to try it and discovered that she enjoyed it. Mason and Marlee were maniacs on it, of course.

As for a good night's sleep...well, we were camping, so that was not to be had. In our short six hours in the tent at night we had one child vomit (just from coughing, no stomach bug, thank goodness!), another child pee all over herself, and another wake-up twice to go to the bathroom (thankfully, this was Buddy, who could just step outside the tent and potty in the woods). And I, myself, for reasons which are completely mysterious to me, had to get up three times to go to the bathroom, which was NOT right outside the tent, let me tell you!

A night of little sleep aside, we had a great time and look forward to next year's adventure!


Cami said...

Man, that is an eventful night! I'm sorry about the bathroom issues. Man, that toilet was NOT close. I'm glad you guys made us plan this activity! It's lots of fun.

Jenni said...

Ooh your dinner sounded nice!! I love grilled corn, so campfire roasted must taste similar! :) Bummer about the nighttime issues, but hopefully you guys got a nap the next day! :)

Corinne said...

I wish I could've been there! Looks like SUCH fun. Hopefully next year :)

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