Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday!

You know, dear friend and devoted reader, that I married my dear friend/college roommate's cousin. (For you LDS folk, I like to refer to it as the "member referral" approach finding a spouse.) Since I had known and loved Kimber for years before making the acquaintance of her "cute cousin Michael," I had also met many of my future in-laws before I'd ever even kissed their cousin/nephew/grandson, etc. Savvy?

One such relative is Fun Aunt Cara. She lived in Denver and would occasionally come to Utah to visit her best friend, Callie, and her nieces and nephews in the area. Since Kimber and I were connected at the hip, I got to tag along on any fun adventures.

I enjoyed hanging out with Cara, Callie and Kimber. One of Cara's favorite activities was to "tell fortunes" with a deck of cards. It was like playing MASH. Kimber and I had to give her the names of four potential boys we'd like to date and she'd work her "magic" and reveal to us who our future spouse would be. It was silly girliness in all its glory. We played this game repeatedly, each time erasing the outcome of the game before it.

Until the semester came when my Michael transferred to BYU and I started dating him. Cara came back to UT for a visit and we girls got together like old times. Cara got out the deck of cards and after I gave her her nephew's name along with three others, she did her thing. The result: I would marry her nephew, Michael. I'll never forget how she almost reverently placed the last card on the bed, pronouncing the outcome, and announcing that she would never tell my fortune again.

And so it came to pass.

Oh, the photo! This is Cara and me in September 2005 at my sister-in-law's wedding.
Doesn't she look like a girl who knows to have a great time?
I've loved having such a fun gal to reconnect with a family functions and reunions. She really makes things fun wherever she is. And nobody loves hugs like Cara!

Cara lives in Alaska these days, but she happens to be in town and we're going to see her tomorrow. I thought I'd commemorate her visit with a post...and since she's told me that her favorite posts are my Flashback Friday ones, I thought I'd dedicate one to her.


Sommer said...

I have to say I do love your flash back Friday's. I never knew that that's how you met your husband. What a good story! She looks like so much fun, a friend everyone would want.

Margaret in WV said...

I never knew that about the fortunes! You'll have to post a picture of the "new" Cara

Rachelle said...

Aah Aunt Cara. And I totally remember MASH

Meredith said...

Yay Aunt Cara!

Cara said...

I must say she does sound like a fantastic Aunt!! :) How exciting to have made a blog post. I feel so honored.

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