Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Girl Maia

She was mortified when I wanted to drive her to the bus stop last week in the rain
But grabbed my hand and held it walking into Target on Saturday.

She does her own hair for school
But still lets me do her hair for church.

She wanted Ugg-style boots for her birthday
But was just as happy to get a dress for her favorite doll.

Today, she is eleven years old--that strange part-girl/part-young woman age--
But she'll always be my first baby.

After she got home from her day at middle school, I sat Maia down and conducted my birthday interview with her. Here is the result:

What was the best part of being ten?

Well, like, when I had my 10th birthday, I got excited because my age had two numbers in it.

What do you think is going to be the best part of being eleven?

That I'll make more friends in middle school.

What are your favorite activities?
Writing, swimming, sometimes I dance in my room, and I like reading and going outside.

Which outdoor activities are your favorites?
Climbing the tree and going into the forest.

Name three of your favorite books.
I like Ella Enchanted, Twilight, and the Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls series.
(Asking Maia to choose only three favorite books is like asking me to only eat three M&M's in a sitting.)

Give me three words to describe your room:
Sometimes it's not very neat; it's small--but I don't mind it that much anymore, and right now it's all white--but it's going to be painted.
(I know, I've been in the process of getting her room painted for a year now. I'm ridiculous.)

What was your favorite birthday present?

I don't know. I think it might have been the boots, though, because those are cute. But the scarf, it's cute, too, though. And the American Girl doll outfit was cute and stuff--oh, gosh, that's all of them!

What is your favorite thing to hear Mom say?
Good job! I'm so proud of you!

What is your favorite food?

Spaghetti, pizza and watermelon.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An author or an artist or maybe even if I wrote a book that got turned into a movie, I could have my friends and me be in it or something.

What is your favorite movie?

I really don't know. I like Aquamarine and I liked Coraline. I'm really not sure; I like a lot of movies.

What is your favorite thing about your mom?

Like, for some reason, like, most of the time, I end up being sort of how she was when she was younger so she understands me.
(Mom might have gotten a little teary at this response. But you can't prove anything.)

What is your favorite thing about your dad?

He's funny and I like going places with him (I also like going places with my mom) and I remember one time I showed him this restaurant that I had been to with my mom and he liked the food there.

My girl and me at my cousin's wedding four years ago.

Maia's first-ever catch!

My Maia is such a special, sweet girl. She is kind, very smart and has an admirably independent spirit. She did not get that (or her beautiful thick hair) from her mother. I marvel at how she happily marches to the beat of her own drummer; I never had that quality. I am so proud of her!

Happy Birthday, My Baby Girl!
(And yes, that is a candle left over from Mackenna's first birthday. Tonight, we chose to interpret it as "It's great to be #1" as in the first-born child.)


Tracy said...

Ohhh! What a totally sweet post. She is a great girl. She's in middle school, but is still so nice to my little 3rd grader. Happy Happy Birthday to your first!

Heidi said...

I love the interview idea. One of these times, I'm going to actually remember it on someone's birthday!

Happy Birthday Maia!

Christie said...

Wow, I can't believe our girls are 11. Crazy stuff. Cute little interview

Margaret in WV said...

Yep. She's looking happy. Love Kenna's hat by the way.

Anonymous said...

If she's anything like you were as a child, then she and I would get along great!! I love the questions you asked. It'll be fun for her when she's older to see her responses.

Julia A said...

Wow. Hard to believe that she's growing up into such a lovely young woman. Wasn't she just getting baptized not long ago?

Corinne said...

Lovely post friend. What a neat girl :)

Sommer said...

I absolutly LOVE reading your blog!!! I also love how you do interviews, I think you must be the funnest mom in the world, and I bet your kids just adore you! I still remember seeing Maia in these little pigtails, when she was only one, and you were visiting in church, she was such a chubby, cute little baby!!! I can't believe she is 11 already! I guess that's probably how you feel about me and Ash =)

Cara said...

Cute post. I love the interviews always.

amberacottrell said...

That is such a sweet post! I love it. Happy Birthday.

Cami said...

Very fun. She is really growing up.

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