Monday, May 7, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

So, this weekend was so nonstop that it deserves a little documenting.

I spent almost five hours Friday afternoon on my feet in my dining room styling hair for
"Mormon Prom." I genuinely like teen aged girls (we're all 17 inside, I say) and have fun doing hair so this activity is actually quite enjoyable to me. It was a little crazy at the end when my children needed to be fed dinner in 20 minutes or less so we could head out the door to Mason's baseball game. And poor Kelly, the last one to be made-over (my friend Scarlett was doing their make-up; she's a true artist), barely made it back to her house with 45 seconds to spare before her date was supposed to come pick her up.

After going to Mason's game (Go, Muckdogs!) we came home and quickly bathed the kids and put them to bed. I had the chance to run up to the stake center and see the girls in their dresses with their dates at the Mormon Prom. All the girls were just gorgeous. I had to get photos of them all. Don't they look amazing?

Saturday morning I raced to the grocery store and came home to make a meal to take to a baby shower (it was a freezer meal shower). I took Teensy with me to the shower while Michael took the other three to Mason's baseball game (yes, another game just 16 hours after the last). After being in charge of the game at the shower and eating a yummy brunch, Marlee and I went to meet the rest of the family at the game. It was a Muckdog victory 8-2.

After coming home for a ten minute lunch, Maia and I jumped in the car and headed on our special adventure. She didn't know it, but Michael and I had decided that she needed to experience the Fairie Festival in PA. She was a little surprised to see we went to Grandma's house where we picked up my mom and her best friend, Cheri. The four of us headed over to the festival. Maia was really excited. It was a beautiful venue (I am partial to rural south central PA, what can I say?). There weren't as many activities as I would have liked, but I am definitely glad that I got to take Maia and that my mom came with us. It was a fun three-generation treat!

Maia and I raced back home where I did some quick dinner prep and clean-up and got ready for my hot date with my Michael. Michael and I went out to dinner to celebrate that he recently received Employee of the Quarter honors at work. Then we went to the stake Rose Ball. Sadly, with all the business of the day, there was barely time for me to comb my hair for the big event, let alone do an amazing coiffure (the cobbler's children have no shoes and whatnot). Anyway, my non-dancing husband and I had a great time chatting with friends and supping from the chocolate fountain.

We lucked out and didn't have to take our babysitter, Julie, home because she and her little sister actually had to spent the night at our house. (Their house was having some remodeling work done and no one was allowed in for the night.) Poor Julie had not brought her clean clothes, so her mom and sister showed up here at 11:30 with her overnight bag. Of course, we ended up chatting a little before bed.

Sunday morning was nice. My kids loved having Julie and Sara here. I actually got everyone ready and Mackenna took a nap in plenty of time for church.

Right after church I took the kids back to my parent's house for our monthly family dinner. Michael wasn't able to come because it was his turn to count the tithing money after church. It was great to chat with my parents, sister, brother and his family, grandma and aunt. Ahh, it's so relaxing to be with family, you know? The only bummer was that I was dog tired and had to drive back home; usually Michael drives and I nap.

So, that's is. That was my whirlwind weekend with two baseball games, two trips to PA, a baby shower, a hot date, a prom-crashing spree, and six hair do's. And now the week I call The Perfect Storm. Boy, I'm exhausted already!


Joni said...

I did not recognize half of those girls! I would look at the title, go "Holly, Holly..." look at the picture, and then shriek, "That's Holly King?!" They are all so grown up!!

The Jensen Family said...

Oh my goodness. I want some of your energy. What a super mom you are!!! The Mormon prom girl's hair look awesome!!! You are amazing!! Good Luck with the week ahead. :)

The Loveridge Family said...

Wow..that sounds like a fun weekend...atleast the things you were doing were FUN things...good luck this week!

Cami said...

What a weekend! I remember the days of doing hair for dances. I was sad to miss the Rose Ball--it's always our favorite activity of the year!

The Hanners Family said...

Wow! That must have taken some major orchestrating! You are so organized and prepared to be able to do all of those things in one weekend. Either that, or you have figured out the secret to adding ten hours to the day! Good luck with your busy week!

The Tidwell Family said...

Wowzers! That was exhausting just reading about it.

I love all the hairdos! What a fun thing to do it all together.

I am so happy for Maia. I bet she was so surprised. Did she love the fairy festival?

Jenni said...

Man, that was some weekend!! WOW!! Those girls' hair looked so great!!! I am in constant awe of your many talents and your ability to accomplish so much Mendy!!! :)

Julia said...

The girls were so beautiful! And I'm so glad you were able to take Maia to the Fairie Festival! I hear the one in MD is really fun too (May 19).

Brenda said...

You're so awesome Mendy! Always doing things for other people aren't you?
I was also very sad to miss the Rose Ball. We actually had a babysitter ready, but I didn't feel quite up to it... Sounds like a fun weekend and busy!

Cheri said...

You did a great job on the girls hair. What a whirlwind weekend!

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