Friday, May 11, 2007

Flashback Friday!

So, in honor of Mother's Day I thought I would post a fun photo of me and my mom. Due to my cursed scanner, my selection was limited to photos already on my hard drive and/or CD's. So, instead of a photo of just me and my mom, you get a bonus sister and sister-in-law in the deal!

This photo was taken WAY back on December 28, 2006 in the backseat of a NYC taxi cab. My mom, three sisters, sister-in-law, and family friend (who, in fact, thinks she is a sister) loaded up in my mom's mini-van and headed to the city for the day.

It is amazing how just one short day can feel like a real vacation when you are with your fun female relatives and sans children and responsibilities. Anyhoo, we took our time getting there--making a stop at Sonic, yummy cherry lime-aid! When we got into the city we went to Chinatown and bought fun "designer" purses. After that, we walked to Little Italy and had a fabulous dinner. Then we hopped in the cabs (as some in our groups had never ridden in them before) and raced to the theater where we saw Kristin Chenoweth starring in an adorable romantic show called The Apple Tree. We all loved the musical. We had a nice drive back to my mom's house. It was a great, fun day!

Although I am sure this would have been a fun trip with just my sisters, it was even better because my mom came with us. She is a really fun lady with a great sense of humor. And don't you just always feel a little more safe when you're with your mom?
I know I do. I still look to her for direction and advice. I am so glad to have such a fabulous mother.


Brenda said...

Oh, that was so sweet. I think I will do a blog on my mom now. She is coming on Monday, so maybe I will wait and get a photo with just the two of us (:

I loved your fun story of what you did!! I have to admit, it brought tears to my eyes. I love to be with my cute sisters and my mom. I just wish we lived a little closer!

mom2qtboys said...

Nicole again-
Your mom is great! I love her too-she really influenced me as a YW whenever I see her and anyone of you girls it just make me feel good.
but not to be disloyal, I will have to do a blog on mine too. She's actually in Utah because Rachelle is having surgery on monday and she's always ready to take care of us
My blog is private because she and my sister were worried about me putting up pics and info about my fam.but you can email me at njmwin and I will invite you.
Also check your post about BYU-i'm gonna leave a comment on there too.

Cami said...

Hooray for moms! Once all my sisters and my mom came here and we had one giant 5-day sleepover. Besides the obvious drama that is involved, we had such a lovely time. I talk to my mom every day on the phone, and she is definitely my best friend.

Thanks for your fun post!

Corinne said...

I heart moms :)

The Jensen Family said...

What a fun trip. I love Cherry Limeade at sonic too!!! Yummy!! Moms are the best!!!

Jenni said...

I meant to do a flashback w/ my mom and me, but we also have a cursed scanner - well Adrian would call it "user error"! :) Hopefully I'll get a picture of us scanned in by tomorrow...

Loved reading your flashback!! What a fun trip that must have been!!! :) Happy mothers day to you, Mendy!!

Kellie said...

Darling picture, Mendy. It really shows your relationship and personalities. You definitely belong together!

Christie said...

What a fun memory, but more importantly, there is a Sonic between here and NYC? Tell me where, I am headed that way on Thursday. :-)

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