Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Finery

Here's a picture of my four adorable children in their Easter finery (Too bad Marlee's eyes are closed--in the shot where her eyes are open the other three aren't smiling). I am a little sad that Mason has rebelled against the cute sweater vests he's worn to church since his infancy. I guess I should be happy that he loves his sports coat and tie combo. He was happy to have new green tie and even got his first lesson on how to tie it. He loves to look more like his dad at church. Who can be really upset about that? What you can't see in this photo are my girls' shoes. When I took them shopping, it was all over when their little eyes saw the glitter. Much to my Maia's dismay, Target only had the glitter shoes for little girls. We got a hot tip that Payless had some for the older girls and headed there. I had gotten Teensy and Mackenna white glitter shoes (trying to curtail the complete impracticality of glitter shoes) and Payless didn't have white. They had bright pink, sliver, and gold. Maia was so happy and thought the silver would work, so I bought them. I mean, she's eight and a half years old and I've never bought her such ridiculous shoes; I guess it was time. The three of them were so happy to wear their new dresses and sparkly shoes. It made me happy to see them all so thrilled.


The Loveridge Family said...

What cute kids...they look great! I love that the girls got sparkly shoes...did you get some for your easter outfit???

Jann said...

The look so cute. Every girl needs sparkly shoes in their life. I sometimes wish I could wear sparkly shoes. Mason looks so grown up in his suit.

Cami said...

But look how angelic Marlee looks! Anywho, my Easter clothes up to this year have consisted of Mason's old sweater vests, so I'm sorry he's grown out of those too. Darn for me.

Julia said...

So cute!

and now your girls can practice, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home!"

Corinne said...

Yay for sparkley shoes! You are a good mommy - they won't forget them :)

The Jensen Family said...

They are all so beautiful/handsome. You have the cutest kids. Love the girls dresses.

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