Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hair Accoutrements

I have a friend who often comments on how cute my daughters' hair is. The funny thing about this friend is that she has daughters, too. And their hair is always brushed and pulled back, just like mine. I have pointed out to her on many occasions that the only difference between my side ponytail and hers is an accessory clipped into the tresses. In girls' hair, I believe accessories are key.

Naturally, here chez Hunter, we have a plethora of hair accoutrements: ribbons, bows, flowers, etc.

Now, my kids do chores. They clean their rooms and they help clean the common areas of the house. But, they clean like kids. You know what I'm saying, right? So, sometimes, I start from top and bottom and I go through the house cleaning like a madwoman. I clear out nooks that kids don't see and secret stashes the kids think I don't know about. Invariably, I find hair accessories in almost every room of the house (not Mason's room--he'd never be able to sleep at night!).

When I find a hair clip, I just pick it up and then put it in my hair until I make my way to the bathroom that houses the girls' hair supplies. If you stop by my house on such a day, you'd undoubtedly see me with a couple of clashing bows in my hair. This has actually happened to me--where someone stops by and says, "Nice bow(s)" and I wonder what they are talking about until I walk past a mirror.

Anyway, a while ago I must have been on a particularly in depth cleaning frenzy because by the time I got to the girls' bathroom, my head was covered in hair paraphernalia.

When I saw my reflection, I just had to laugh.
This was a day that no witness stopped by to see my stunning look and it seemed too funny not to share. I had to take a couple of photos so you could laugh, too.

Without further ado, I present my awesome hairdo of which you will be insanely jealous, no doubt:


JazznJenna said...

That's funny. And you thought *I* wore big bows in college! : )

Just Julia said...

Gorgeous! And yes, I am so jealous I can't keep my socks up! :D

Deb said...

i am insanely jealous. it reminds of of bridal showers. :)

Deb said...

or... it reminds ME of bridal showers. sheesh.

Jamie said...

LOVE IT! and I am so glad you are back in the blogging world!

Cocktail Lady said...

That's adorable! You crack me up!! I'm learning about all these little girl things as I've had 2 boys first and now have 2 girls as well. Cheers!

Cheri J. Meiners said...

I think your habit is better than mine. When I am working at the computer and get hot I put various types of paper clips in my hair, and like you I have no idea what people--usually my kids--are referring to whne they see me.

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