Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pulling a Favre

"Mom, I've decided to retire from my acting career," Mason announced to me two weeks ago.

"You have, huh?" I responded, amused.

Last year, Mason had a principle part in the fourth grade play. He played the role of Superman and, quite honestly, he was awesome! He got laughs when he said his funny lines, projected his voice and remembered his parts. He even let me gel his hair into place until it felt like granite. He was a star.

Apparently, this year when they were asking who wanted to be considered for one of the main parts in the fifth grade show, he decided not to go for it. He told me he wanted a supporting job, like set decoration or something. I was fine with it.

Then, last week, he started talking about his Mythology unit at school and a play his group is putting on. He confessed that he has the role of Zeus. He has practiced walking around the house talking about how he is going to go down to earth to meet him some ladies, giggling as he says it. (What makes him laugh even harder is that due to a dearth of girls in his class, his wife, Hera, is being played by his friend, Jason.)

I have to giggle because I'm thinking that his "retirement" from acting lasted about as long as Brett Favre's retirement from football.


whitney allison said...

Oh funny! I just wonder where your kids got their acting genes??? He looks like one handsome superman. And Jason sounds beautiful!

Tracy said...

Your post title totally scared me, since Favre has been in trouble for some other things lately! Glad to see it was about the retirement. That's a great pose! Good luck on his career!

Amber said...

I can't possibly imagine where he skill with drama would come from.... Break a leg, Mason.

Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

Cute kid! It is always hard to stay in retirement too long, especially with temping roles like that of Zeus.

Cami said...

Awesome. I love unretirement.

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