Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aunt Infestation!

Admittedly, this is an odd title to a post about Mother's Day weekend. I do have my reasons. To me, this weekend was less about mothers to me and more about aunts. Three aunts, to be exact. Don't worry, I'll elaborate.

Aunt #1: Aunt Donna. This Saturday was the 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for Michael's great aunt and uncle, Donna and Dick. It was over in Salisbury, MD at a lovely reception center. It was quite a special affair and I am so glad my Michael and I got to attend (thanks to my father-in-law for babysitting all day; it was a "no kids" affair).

It was very fun to watch a reenactment of Aunt Donna and Uncle Dick's wedding. Michael's Aunt Carol, now in her mid-fifties, came first scattering rose petals on the ground like she did as the flower girl fifty years ago. They had various members of the wedding party present and it was really cute.

My Michael, still loosened up by our church's High School Reunion Dance, joined me on the dance floor more than once. He was out there with me and all his aunts and cousins all afternoon. The DJ played our song and while I looked at my handsome husband I thought I could so do this four times more and it wouldn't be enough. (We've been married ten years.) It was so fun to be with him in that atmosphere of love. I really do love this man.

Another highlight of the day was chatting, laughing and visiting with his relatives. We don't get to see too many of them that often, since they live all over the country, so it was great to take this time to eat, dance around, and have fun with them. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for his Aunt Cara, who used to play with me and my roommate, Kimber (her niece/Michael's cousin), at BYU before I even met my Michael.

Nancy in the back, Michael, me and Cara in the front.

This weekend I feel I got to know another of Michael's favorite aunts better which brings me to...

Aunt #2: Nancy! Michael's Aunt Nan is only like three years older than he so he basically grew up with her. He always speaks of her adoringly, but I've only visited with her here and there over the years because she lives in Boise. Well, she wanted to come out to the big anniversary party so she called and asked if she could stay with us. Of course, we welcomed her with open arms.

The kids had a great time playing with "Aunt Antsy," as Mackenna calls her. She is really fun and I am glad she called and stayed with us. I hope this is just the first of many trips out here to visit. She didn't mind the noise of the house, thanks to her earplugs, and let the kids jump all over her.

Of course, between Mackenna and her, it was the battle of the babies. Nancy is the youngest of the eleven siblings in Michael's mom's family. I did have to laugh at her when she tattled on my toddler. In the end, they were great friends and Nancy eventually learned to share her Lifesavers candies (she's letting Kenna bite one off the role in the picture). Please know that I am just teasing if you're reading this, Nancy! We all love you!

Nancy left to go home to Boise Sunday afternoon, so we dropped her off at BWI and then headed up to my parents' house for a little Mother's Day dinner. This brings us to ...

Aunt #3: ME! That's right, this weekend, I became an aunt for the 28th time. Yay! Emmaline Lily was born on Friday and came home from the hospital on Mother's Day. She is everything beautiful and pure. My sister-in-law, Laura, was so kind to let her two day-old baby get passed around by her aunts (not that she had a choice) and to let me smell her (even though she thinks it's freaky--what's up with that?).

So, that's it. My Mother's Day weekend about aunts, aunts and more aunts. Just so you don't think that I wasn't appreciated over here, let me tell you that I was. I was spoiled with breakfast in bed and an iPod. What a fun new toy! And I got to hold a newborn and smell her sweet, fresh-from-the-womb scent. What could be better than that?

4 comments: my escape... said...

I see a few of my pics made the cut...let me tell ya I was really sweating it...there was a lot of pressure to make them blog worthy...I'm so glad you approved...score one for me!!! :Op LoL my escape... said...

Oh and I almost forgot (I know...double comments back to back...where is my blog etiquette? *gasp*)...I actually happen to have video footage of the dance mentioned...granted it's low quality cuz it's cell phone video footage...but I do have it..and can post it on Facebook if you'd like access to it...I thought I'd just throw that little tidbit out there for ya! Oh and I will also forgive you for the fact that I'm not a cool enough kid to be mentioned in this entry...granted I did give your husband a creepy goodbye hug...but come know you still love me anyway! :OD

Jann said...

Family is so fun. What a great time you had.

Tracy said...

Oh, there's nothing wrong with smelling babies. So fun to read about you and Michael being romantic on the dance floor. So sweet. How fun to have his fun aunt stay with you to keep your kids entertianed, even if she did tattle on your baby.

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