Thursday, November 29, 2007

Judo Masters

Tuesday nights 'round these here parts is Boys Night Out/Girls Night In. I give the girls good baths complete with hair scrubbing (we are too lazy to rinse Maia's hair more than twice a week) and then we have girl time. Usually, we watch something ridiculously girlie like a Barbie movie and paint fingernails. It's quite nice.

Michael and Mason put on their gis and head out the door to their Judo class. They've been taking Judo for a couple of months now and both quite enjoy it. They come home sweaty, bruised, and smiling. Recently, they tested out of their beginning class and are now in the advanced class. That means that they know the names of the throws, know how to fall correctly, and get more bruises.

I think this is the cutest thing on earth. Michael has long been a martial arts junkie, already having studied Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do (in his youth, he earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do--but don't tell him I told you; he'll be embarrassed). He'd been wanting to study Judo and asked Mason if he'd like to join him. Mason seems to have his father's love of martial arts. He takes his Judo very seriously and never uses his moves at home (a promise his instructors made him make).

I can't say that Michael is as good at keeping that rule. Routinely, he interrupts me to practice throwing me in an effort to perfect his technique. He's taught both Teensy and Mackenna how to roll out of being thrown and Kenna has been known to include in her prayers such phrases as "and I can get big and go to Judo with Daddy and Buddy."

So, if you wonder why I can't go out on Tuesday nights, this is why. And if you have a problem with that, I've got a couple of Judo Masters who can teach you a lesson! Hee hee.


The Jensen Family said...

that is so cute. Love the idea of boys doing something and the girls doing something. I will have to remember that as mine get a little older.

The Pugs said...

How great is that? It will be SO good for Mason to have his Dad doing Judo with him. I grew up doing the whole Karate thing as a kid. We did it as a family and although I didn't always like it during the 10 years we did it, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Good for you for supporting your boys!!

Tracy said...

What manly men you have. I'll have to congratulate Michael on being a black belt! I had no idea. You know how I love a man in uniform!

Julia A said...

Remind me not to mess with your family ;)

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