Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Busy Doing Nothing

That's a quick summary of what I have been up to lately. I haven't been doing anything major, but I seem to have little time on my hands. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything spectacular so I don't feel like I have very much blogging content in my life. I'll use this chance to make little snapshots of my kids.

Mackenna is sadly leaving cute babyhood and running full-fledged into the terrible two's. She is pushing anyone smaller than her...and some kids even bigger than her. Sometimes, she is downright mean! This is horrifying to me. I'm not sure what to do about it. I try to make sure I give her special attention and love to ensure that she isn't acting out because she feels neglected or something. Sometimes she is still my sweet angel and other times she is a real wild cat!

Marlee is so funny. I do cringe when I think about her being a teen-ager. She has named one boy in her preschool class, Tanner, as her boyfriend. This morning, when she was choosing her outfit for the day, she mentioned how she didn't want to change shirts because she wanted Tanner to see the one she had on. She's already dressing to impress boys?!? What's up with that? Then, tonight, after she took a bath and got her hair washed, I combed her hair. She put her tiara on (she's worn it all day--including in the tub) and then went to brush her teeth. I heard her startled gasp from where I was on the stairs. I rushed in the bathroom to see what was the matter and she said, "Oh, nothing's wrong. I just look so pretty like this." Are you kidding me? Where does this child come from? If this is four, I am seriously concerned about fourteen; that's all I'm saying!

I think the past two months have been the happiest of Mason's life. My sweet boy has always had a somewhat cantankerous disposition. He's never really found joy in much. It's always been hard to punish him by taking something away from him because he never cared about anything very much. Enter our new neighbors. He is so happy to play with their sons--especially Dallin. I think he genuinely has a happier disposition since he found the joy of friendship with these boys. I am so thrilled for him.

Maia has been working really hard on her school project on the giant panda. She's had to go to the library for three sources, take notes, write a bibliography and all that jazz. Now I have to go out and buy one of those tri-fold poster thingies for her to make a visual presentation of all her studies. She really shines in writing and speaking assignments in school. I love to read her work. It's always so good that I am worried the teachers will think that we, her parents, wrote it for her. It's so wonderful to watch her grow and mature, but I am glad she is still an innocent little girl. I took her to get her photo taken for turning nine and all she wanted was a picture with a fairy superimposed onto it. Even though they were more than I usually spend on my kids' birthday photos, I had to get a couple of them. I just don't know how much longer I'll have her still loving little girls things, you know?

So, that's a glimpse of my kids right now. They are each such beautiful and unique individuals; I am so happy to spend my days (and nights) mothering them.


Christie said...

I loved this post, what a wonderful thing to have forever, a mothers words about cherishing her children. :-) Wonderful

Tracy said...

I love that Mason finally has friends close by to make him happy and play with. The only thing I can say about Marlee is that the children imitate their parents. I can just see you standing in front of the mirror with your tiara, gasping at your beauty :)

Joni said...

Reading about your two youngest really sounded familiar. Caleb is racing into the terrible 2s as well! And we will have to console ourselves together when Leah and Marlee are 14. Leah is also really into the "I'm beautiful/cute/precious" thing. So now that I've just commented on my kids, let me say how much fun it was to learn a bit more about yours!

Cami said...

Your kids are so funny. Oh Marlee! What shall you do?? Although, to be fair, sometimes I gasp at how pretty I look too. (ha ha) I'm so glad Mason has some nearby friends! It makes such a difference.

Julia A said...

You have such a great family. All four kids are really wonderful, with strong personalities to boot! Plus a wonderful husband. You are a very lucky woman.

mom2qtboys said...

How sweet mendy! And congrats to you and Michael for getting out-John and I just went on a little get-away and it was so fun. Oh and we listen to NPR too and sometimes Prarie Home Companion but our favorite is Car Talk. Also congrats to your fam-tell Whitney and Adam I said way to go!

Jenni said...

Okay the gasp heard down the stairs from Marlee was serioulsy funny!! I loved reading all about your sweet kids and I really need to do a post like this myself. Our boys sound so similar and I am so so happy for him that he has good friends that live so close - yay!

Corinne said...

That marlee story slays me. And good neighbors are the BESt

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